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Ka Clutch

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Hi All,

Was just in France and out of nowhere the Car started to loss power especially when changing to higher gears. This was very sudden so I called breakdown they took the car in and flew us back to the UK. Also, in the lower gears you would not know there was a problem.

I got a call today to say the clutch had gone. However, a mechanic friend has said he thought it sounded like a fuel pump or fuel filter. So I have a few questions.

1. What does this problem sound like to you?

2. The car has just been services and MOT'ed should this have been picked up then?

3. Is 800 Euro's a reasonable price to have a new clutch?

Any help would be great :)


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sounds like it's over priced to me about 400 tops i would think m8

it does not sound like the clutch to me as you usually notice it in 2nd or 1st gear as it will slip or you need to over rev te car.

i would try to get another opinion but the problem is that your car is in france still.

i hope you get it sorted

i would see if it pulled away in second ger as that should tell you if the clutch is slipping or has had it's day also get them to check the fuel pump as already said &

that the clutch hose seals are all ok

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