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Boot Lamp Needs Replacing

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Can any of you lovely people point me in the direction of a suitable boot replacement bulb for my Fiesta MK7 on eBay? Preferably a nice bright LED one so I can see what I'm trying to find in the dark. Can you also tell me how to access the bulb compartment without breaking anything?


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If your boot light is the same as the focus, as in like this:


it simply pulls out, get your finger nail or a screwdriver if need be under the edge and slide it out.

Instead of a normal LED bulb, what I would really recommend is an LED pad like what I've got in mine.

Do you already have LED foot-wells? If so what colour?







Heres the effect it will give:


Fills my boot nicely and I can actually see in there at night now.

If you go down the LED panel route, you just get rid of the bulb cover, plug this in and simply stick the self adhesive panel over the hole

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Hi Charlie

Really like the look of the blue effect, how did you light the opposite said of the boot?


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I installed a second boot light on the other side of the boot following this guide that Lenny made:


It only cost me a couple quid to do for the LED pads as I already had a spare bulb holder and a length of wire knocking about. So it was really worth doing as you can tell by the results.

Only took a few minutes to do too, just yank out a few trim pieces, wire the bulb holder into one end of the wire, splice the other end into the existing boot light, trace the wire around the edge of the boot around the spare wheel well and up the other side.

Cut a hole in the other side of the boot so its parallel to the existing boot light, plug the LED pad into the bulb holder, refit all the trim pieces then stand back and admire your work.

Can actually see in the boot of a night now.


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