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Engine Issues


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Hi all - just hoping someone could share some wisdom on this..

Basically my Ka judders when the engine is cold - seems to be getting worse to the extent that today it almost completely lost power and stalled, but was then fine.

It's strange - feels fine pulling out of drive, but then when I put it into 2nd/3rd it begins to loose power and dies - but after a few minutes is completely fine...anyone had something similar?

For the record its 05, 50k miles



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have the car had a plug air filter change done recently if not then that would be my first job to do.

you can also disconnect the battery only the earth and leave if off for a hour or so then reconnect as that should reset the ecu

make sure you have the stereo code first.

i would also have the fuel filter replaced .

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Thanks for the response - I'll check the battery tonight.

Fixed rust hole by filler cap just before this started happening (fiberglass and filler in hole, waxoyl spayred in rear panel and around filler cap) i wonder if this has affected some electrics

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have you serviced it & changed the fuel filter as i done my sons fuel filter a while back & it's made hell of a diffrence

from memory there is no electrics that would effect the engine or no electrics atall by the filler cap or that area.

seems more a coincidence.

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