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Fair Maiden Mechanics! - Tell Us About It!

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So, having just read a thread where one of our female members has gone out there and upgraded the suspension on her Focus - I think its fair to say a few of us were quite impressed, the car looks good!

So, I thought I would ask outright - I think given that 'Girl Power' is here (and sometimes seems to be unspoken) lets have a place where you can bring it out to the world...

This is the bragging thread!

So come on ladies, If you have done your own customization on your car, tell us about it!

Tell us the jobs large and small that you have done to your car! The bigger the job, the bigger the bragging rights, and Guys - lets see how many of us can be honest enough to say "I wouldn't do that myself!" I have a feeling I am going to be saying that a lot!

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I guess you guys are treading on dangerous ground here. :D

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Haha, what a thread!

I can add my friend Sally to the list of inspiration for working on cars!

She bought herself a Mk1 Fiesta and restored it herself (had a little help from her other half with the engine), painted it, lowered it, did the brakes, wheels, uprated the engine from a 1.1 (i think) to a 1.6 CVH, was in the middle of building a 1.8 ZVH with throttle bodies when it all went a bit pear shaped in her life.

Became a running joke among our circle of friends about her always fixing or modding the car. She knew her stuff though, got me out of bother with a stuck rear caliper in my Mk2 Mondeo!

When I get a chance I'll dig out some photos of her car. Out of all our mates she still holds the fastest ET on the drag strip from our cars!

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Lol I must admit there was a small part of me thought this could be a dangerous ground to walk on but I think it's good to get balance and see just how many of our members kept their skills on the 'down lo' (oh yeah, I'm down with the kids! )

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