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Help My Ford Keeps Juddering!!!


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I have been told to come to the forum as ive been told you maybe able to help so here goes.

I have a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Zetec S and in 1,2 and 3 gear at about 1800 - 2000 revs crusing at about 25 - 40 the car starts juddering as if its going to stall.

The car doesnt stall but feels like its goin to, it only seems to do this from cold as once youve drove car for while and has warmed up it goes.

Ive had it into a garage and had new injectors fitted, fuel filter and also something to do with air sensor in air filter. Nothing has changed and at now £500 pound ive spent im starting to get a little cheesed off.

Can anyone help



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it could be egr related, they are easy to remove and clean so its worth a try. if you can do it yourself it will cost you very little

If the EGR is badly gunked up and the valve is proper stuck, then you might be better off replacing it. Also worthy of a mention is that cleaning the EGR with carb cleaner is an ultra-messy job, so loads of newspaper down and a bumper-box of nitrile gloves.

If you do decide to replace the part, get one from a Jaguar - it's exactly the same part, but weirdly, half the price of the same thing from Ford.

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my car was doing the same thing juddering so i had alook cleaned egr out and manifold caked in crap then took the intercooler pipe off 2" hole in it for a quick fix get a 2 liter plastic bottle wrap it around the hose and blow touch it,it should melt on like a glove and blocks the hole costs nothing and its lasts for a long time havent had 1 fail on me yet

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Mine was doing the exact same time 2 weeks ago.

New fuel filter, cleaned/blanked EGR and cleaned inlet manifold and new hose from Intercooler to EGR been done and the juddering has gone.

I didn't isolate these repairs so can't tell you which one did it! Start with EGR and checking the hose as it's the cheapest/easiest fix!

Good luck

Edit: Cleaned Manifold*

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