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Forum Newbee, Mondeo Mk3 Engine Query


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I have a Mondeo Mk3 Zetec 1.8 (2001) with 131,000 miles on clock, and having a problem.

When I first bought this car, I had all wheel bearings apart from the front passenger side replaced, as I was gettting a bad humming sound.

It sounds a lot better now, and up to 35mph I dont have any issues that I`m aware of, but as I get to 40mph, I get a humming sound that is hard to locate.

When reaching around 50mph, the sound isn`t as obvious.

Holding the clutch in does not affect this sound.

I am also loosing oil and water.

The thermostat was replaced recently.

I don`t seem to be leaving white smoke behind me, and I don`t have pools of oil on my drive.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks.


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Hello and welcome to the forum,

Is it an engine related noise?

Out of shape tyres can produce a humming noise like a worn wheel bearing.

Many thanks for your reply.

Will swopping the wheels front to back help me?

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