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Tire Pressures


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if you dont want a nice story of my day skip down the page :) ..

been rushing to throw my 18"s on today

its earlier than i wanted but i was checking the car over and found the fronts were very close to the limit

as i bought second hand i put 35PSI in them just to exaggerate any punctures (but all was well)

i drove about 30 miles today and noticed a bit of a noise and also it was just floating when cornering at moderate speeds.

i put this down to high pressure without thinking too much into it and put them down to 32

when driving and shaking the steering wheel (in a 'boyracer-tire-warming' fashion, as a TEST!) i though it still felt a bit floaty. but when i got to a roundabout it seemed glued well enough

im now thinking the 'spongeyness' is normal, but obviously im not a nob who does it and would notice! haha

..Long story short:

im thinking maybe run 33 front, 32 rear (as the diesel engine weighs about 29 tonnes(some clarkson style exaggeration there ;) ))

what do others running 18s have in their tires?

Thanks guys

PS, ill be making my project thread later tonight or tomorrow for people to have a look :)

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Iv got the gauge mate.

But i wondering if anyone has experience with it.

Also, i think the door sill sticker only states for petrol models so i don't know if it'll be different?


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i would say in all honesty 30 front or 31 max and 32 rear those pressures are based on x amount of passengers weighing 12 stone etc start at 30 front and 32 rear try that

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Mine only feels OK with 30/31 front. 1.6TDCI also. Feels really floaty at anything higher. Actually posted on here about this, thought it was knackered it felt so bad!

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