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Urgent Advice - 2003 1.8 Tdci Zetec Scrap Or Save

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I have a 2003 1.8 Ford Focus tdci zetec with intermittent problem of loss of power, ignition light flashing.

First problem July last year, all fuel injectors reconditioned, refitted, drove like a dream again for 8 months. Passed MOT last month but a week later same symptoms arise. Advised fuel pump fault, recovery could not read car diagnostic codes. Fuel drained, iron filings found. Now advised to scrap car as repairs would include new fuel pump, more reconditioned fuel injectors plus complete drain and flush of the fuel system.

Other than the above fault the car is in very good condition, seems a crying shame to scrap. Worried about buying another 2nd hand Ford Focus as the fault could arise again.

Can anyone advise if this car would be worth saving or should I seriously consider the scrap route????

All suggestions would be gratefully received.

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mate, i think you should keep it.

try a cheap fix first. if you are having issues with fuel/injectors need cleaning etc then try the terraclean product. it costs approx £100 and they connect the cleaning fluid to your fuel system and flush th whole system through. it might even remove any c r a p that has built up?

once running fine sell it on and recoup as much money as you can and get another car.

go to the terraclean website and enter your details and they will email you back with details of who your nearest terraclean operative is. heard lots of good reviews about this product.


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fit another engine £350. filings from worn fuel pump. either change fuel system pump injectors etc, or fit engine. new fuel filter as would filter down to 5 microns doubt problem would ever happen again. possible cause in my experience wrong fuel put into vehicle either petrol or water in fuel.

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