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Paint Job For Ford Focus

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Dear Members - I have to a Ford Focus 55 plate in Sea Grey colour.

It has a few scratches & I would like to have it mended.

I would appreciate if you could share information on a either a good garage or a company at or near Loughton.

Many thanks...Raghu


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Ouch, the number of panels affected means it wont be cheap :( even privately your looking at a few quid. I had a small but deep scratch on the rear quarter of my Cee'd, it was going to be £200 for a respray of that panel. your probably looking at a cost of around the same...

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I would agree with James about the price. Some places however, might paint part of the panels to reduce cost and usually you cannot tell the difference.

From what i can see however, most of the damage is on plastic parts (bumpers, mirror, door handle) so there shouldn't be any bumps on them.

I was wondering if a touch-up spray like this one could do the trick for those parts. I am planning to buy one for my self because i would like to repaint my spoiler and fix a small scratch on the front bumper.

It would be nice to have feedback from someone who has tried such a repair.

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only thing to consider with aerosol is that unless you do super fine layers and blend it in well, then you could easily turn a mess into a disaster.

I would advise if your going to do it your self then isolate only the scratches and protect the body work around it, and apply very fine layers allowing them to dry, then check the difference, then try again. Its a long process, but if you dont, you could end up just having a square of new paint on the bodywork.

I learned the hard way after I tried to remove the scratches on my old fiesta many moons ago! ended up with the wheel arch just slightly darker than the rest of the car.

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