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Needing Help :( !! Warning Lights..... Code 1633 (Kam) Cant Find Cause


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hi ive got a fiesta zetec 1.6 and the warning light has come on for the engine management.... was told it could be a earthing problem have cleaned up the earth mounts and the lights are still on was also told it could be the indicator stalk has fused and is causing problems that way but personaly dont think theres any truth in it..... has anybody els had this problem ? please help ive got the car booked for a mot on friday the 10th of may

many thanks to any body that can help of has taken the time to read this :)

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Myw fault code database says p1633 is KAM (keep alive memory) Voltage Too Low.

P1633 means that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected low voltage on the keep alive memory circuit. This is the circuit that supplies constant battery voltage to the keep alive memory portion of the PCM so it can retain information regarding fuel control, idle control and transmission control adaptive strategies to name a few. If the battery is disconnected or voltage drops below 10.5 volts this code will be set. If the battery has not been disconnected then the circuit will need to be checked for opens or high resistance in the wire,shorts,blown fuse, high voltage r/f interference from ignition or charging system components, or the PCM being being faulty itself.

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