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Led Lights Ford Fiesta M6K

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Hi there,

I am looking to add LED lights to both the footwells in my car where can I wire this in to and which lights do I need to buy off eBay?

Picture instructions would be great if possible ;).

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hi mactell

can you confirm your car is a mk6 fiesta?

if so ive done this mod myself, ive fitted a new interior light, footwell lights and also a illuminated ignition ring

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excellent then yes this can be done,

to start with i would recommend upgrading the interior light (not essential but does offer additional map lights and led bulbs)

a mk2.5 focus or a mk3 mondeo interior light will fit and can take LED Bulbs.

the other mod i fitted to make things easier is a illuminated ignition ring that sits around the ignition barrel next to the steerimng wheel and lights up when the car is unlocked or a door is opened, this item comes with a loom that simply plugs into the exsisting ford connectors on the interior light therefore no damage is done to the original wiring on the car. (this also makes it easier if it needs to be removed)

this mod again is not necessary but you would need to make your own loom and cut into the wiring for the interior light.

heres where it gets crazy, as the mk6 isnt known for footwell lights there isnt much there in terms of fixing the lights (unlike the focus holders) i did try and copy this with some bracket type shapes but to no avail, in the end i settled on some cupboard brackets that i stuck velcro onto and then stuck these onto the side panels at the bottom of the center console,

the loom would need to be a +ve and a -ve wire from the interior light that is run down the a pillar and into the dash this can then be split into 2 pairs of wires for each footwell and a bulb holder to be fitted to each set, i glued the bulb holder to the cupboard brackets using superglue

i know it may sound dodgy and a bit of a bodge but as 90% of it can not be seen im not to fussed about the minor details, however if you do find or use anything better/different let me know

i have got some pictures not many but i can get photos depending on what you want to see etc

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the wires run down the drivers side door post (next to the windscreen)

i dont have a picture right now, but if you were to open your drivers door and locate the rubber trim running along the bottom edge and up the door, if you remove this all the way up you will see a hole that the wires would run door (under the rubber) and would enter the car just below the light switch panel to the right of the steering wheel

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Doubt it m8 as its a modification and the would prob charge you alot of money

if you want a step by step guide I can do you 1 possibly tomorrow let me know what you want to do

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