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B-Max Owner Soon To Be Focus Owner

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Hi all :)

I currently have a 1.5 tdci B-max which ive had for about 6 months , i also have to say have been quite impressed with not to bad around corners (for a tall fiesta) and good mpg 56- 63 ish.

Im now moving onto a 1.0 ecoboost 125 Focus and a little concerned about how bad the fuel economy is until the engine has been bed in. I've read people only getting about 24 mpg.

i know the engine will need bedding in but 24mpg!!! thats shocking. is this true, is the mpg that bad?

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Welcome to the club Gareth. Not as bad as that from what most people have been saying theyve been getting 30-40mpg and its usually getting better the more its bedded in

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Welcome aboard the FOC!

Get yourself comfy, take a look for any
guides that might tickle your fancy, and join in with the best ranking
Ford forum out there!

See you soon on the board!

Ouyt of curiosity, why are you moving from BMAX to Focus?

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hi sorry for the late reply. basically space we are expecting our first child and once the push chair is in the boot that's it its full. and also i find the engine a bit gutless no power to overtake and if you go above 60 it begins to get a little thirsty. i wasn't expecting a lot of power from a 1.5 diesel but just a little more torque.

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Hi and Welcome to the Forums , MPG will always come down to your driving style , and reported figures always far from reach unless you drive like a saint , changing gear before 2000 rpm every single time.

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