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Ford Fiesta 2011 Model: Tracking Query


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Hi Guys

I need someone who knows tracking configuration to see if the attached PDF is correct.

Now first of all when he was setting the configuration he chose a FORD FIESTA 11/01 - 09/08, I queried this straight away and he said that the configuration is still the same these days.

So I proceeded with the tracking amendments via KWIK FIT in WEDNESBURY.

Since then its been bashing my head and I want to see if I was right to query the car model or infact the tracking results are correct and my car is now configured correctly.

Thanks for any assistance

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Kwik Fit, in my opinion shouldn't be trusted full stop, although that report looks like its from a hunter machine, which is good kit. I would take it somewhere else. Go a couple more junctions down the motorway to Chemix in Halesowen and get it rechecked, see what settings they use/program in, and if you aren't happy just ask them what other settings are available. That report looks like you have an issue with the left nearside rear, if you look its out quite bad, on these cars the rear isn't adjustable and whats going on on the rear has a direct effect of what goes on on the front, I take it the car drives straight etc? Anyway the equipment is only as good as the person using it.

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