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Name That Part / Why Is It Hot?

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Evening chaps,

The missus has been complaining that the cabin is a bit Diesel'y recently, so I went out this afternoon with my Torx screwdriver and large cup of tea to investigate.

After going through service history for my 2005 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDci (facelift), I drew a quick conclusion that the Pollen Filter probably hadn't been changed for years.

However, when I took the two fascia plates off in the passenger footwell, I quickly found that there was just a big hole with no filter in there to greet me!

While I was down there (still unable to find the chuffing Diesel smell she was whinging about) I noticed (or rather my scolded elbow noticed) that whatever is right in front of the pollen filter (with the black plastic cover on it) was notably hot.

Based on my vague description, can anybody suggest to me what the hot component is?

Looking straight on to the console, it looks like it sits diagonally downwards/behind the AC switches.

From what I can see, the car has not had a pollen filter for about 13/14 months, so I am unsure if any crap from outside has caused whatever the mystery component is to get hot?

On the smell front, the car did a rather impressive Diesel wee earlier in the year thanks to a knackered Fuel Rail Sensor and pretty much everything in the engine bay has remained caked since. I am guessing (please do correct me if I am wrong) that the nasty smell is probably linked to an increase in the use of the A/C, the fumes getting dragged into the cabin and no filter being in there to block it?

I reached this conclusion because the only Diesel smell I can find is when I get up right up close to the Fuel Filter (6 months old) when the lid is popped and I haven't noticed any drop in Fuel efficiency.

Thanks chaps,


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A picture of the hot bit and it's surroundings would be best but this is the best I can guess at without.

If the hot object is at the bottom of the heater assembly (i.e. close the top of the tunnel) and has a pipe at either end (the pipes may be insulated) then it's probably the heater matrix. If you've had the heater set to anything other than dead cold the matrix would very likely be hot as the Mk6 (including facelift and Fusions) Fiesta's heater is a blended air type unit; i.e. it mixes hot (from the heater matrix) with cold air (either direct from outside or from outside but via the aircon matrix) to produce the required (approximate) air temperature.

If the hot object is near the top of the heater assembly then it's probably the heater blower motor and that should not be scalding hot; if it is then it could be a partially seized/knackered bearing on the blower motor.

Hope that helps.

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i agree that the hot part could be the heater matrix, as for the diesel smell check the injector seals for any signs of leakage as these are prone to fail.

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