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The Dark Knight

Heading Towards Claimed Mpg

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I don't drive economically and haven't used the point scoring thingy on the Sync system and I rarely re-set the MPG readout.

Today though I was doing a 16 mile drive to Derby down the A38. I re-set the MPG when joining the slip road and didn't bother to drive like Miss Daisy. There were moments of flooring it in 5th once a gap opened up in the outside lane and slowing down for lorries.

Having reached heavy traffic in Derby, the computer had settled nicely to give a proper reading and was showing 59.5MPG! As near as makes no difference 5MPG off the claimed figure of 65MPG.

I reckon if I had been travelling longer on the A38 I would have hit 60MPG and maybe beyond. Not bad to say the car only has 1430 miles on the clock and should offer encouragement to potential buyers on the forum. A stunning all rounder!

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I can report that yesterday I hit 60mpg after doing the same drive to Derby. Only just nudging 1500 miles on the clock so with a few more thousand miles and on a good steady run, I reckon I can hit 65mpg...

P.S, currently running on Shell V-Power Nitro+ but I wouldn't go as far as claiming that is responsible for the high mpg...

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