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Problems With Passenger Side Speak When Using Aux

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Hey people,

Just wondering if someone could be of some help to me, I've got a focus 1.8tdci mk2 2008 and i recently fitted a sub and amp to the standard head unit. It's been fine for ages but now all of a sudden whenever I use the AUX the passenger side Speakers Front and rear seem to like have a static sound to it also every time I use the blower or something electrical it makes a loud hiss? :S

It's very odd as well because whenever i plug my phone into charge it doesn't seem to make the sound half as much but it's still there, but if i put the radio/cd player into Radio or CD all the Speakers work fine?

Any idea's on what it could be? Any help would be appreciated thanks! :)

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I would suggest to start with, you undo your sub and amp. so remove the wiring temporarily and retest. I suspect you may have an electrical interference between these, so check the wires at the loom at the rear of the stereo and ensure that there are no broken wires / open strands of copper.

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I'm assuming by aux you are referring to the socket in the glovebox?

If so and you're losing sound from one side of the car I'd say that the contacts inside the socket have become misaligned.

I recommend you unscrew and pull the glovebox forward, push the aux connectors front and rear parts tightly together to see if you get an improvement with the Speakers and then tightly tape the parts together to avoid further movement.

The aux socket design is particularly poor and even just a couple of millimetres of movement can result in the alignment of the contacts to the 3.5mm plug being off and crossing over of the left and right channels.

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I had a similar problem with the glovebox socket - CD and Radio both fine, MP3 connected via socket kept losing a channel.

I removed the socket, cut the plug off one end of the lead that connects between the socket and the mp3/phone/whatever and hard wired them together, bypassing the socket.

That solved the problem. It also let me run the lead back behind the glovebox, and tuck it neatly under the centre console, coming up between the seats where I wanted it.

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Thanks for the replies guys, I've finally sorted it after months of trying to discover what was causing it and all it was was a small piece of wire insulation was stopping the wire's from having a good connection..

again many thanks for your help.

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