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Is It Worth It ?


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Morning all,

Recently acquired a focus 54 plate 1.8 lx tddi for quite cheap from a family member. Its got 127.5k on it and there's a slight knocking noise whens its running which I've been told is the timing. Hence me thinking about getting the timing belt changed inc water pump and tensioner.

My question is ,I know 127k isn't generally high for a diesel engine ,would spending some money on it perhaps the belt and a good service as I think its been not very well looked after be worth it?. So far I've brought it a new battery (as wrong one was installed ,by Halfords. I know ,no way !!).And I've just replaced the front pads and disks, as it was like a screaming banshee when stopping.

Don't get me wrong I love the car, but im thinking shall I keep the money im going to spend towards another or has this one got some life left in it?

I want a couple of years at the most from it.I don't commute down the motorways much and its only really going to be used for travel to work, shopping and maybe a few trips to the coast in the summer etc..Max 8k a year I reckon.

So what do you think guys is it worth it?

Anyways as always your comments are appreciated.


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Yea I thought so .This is only my second car so im leaning the ropes so to speak..!

Paid 300 quid for it so I aint done too bad I reckon.

spending a few hundred quid on it is probably going to be worth it !

Thanks anyways guys !

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