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1.8 Tdci Sump Gasket


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Hi Guys,

I have a leaking sump on my Focus 1.8 TDCI, and I was planning to replace the gasket.

However, from digging about on the net I see there is not a gasket, but sealer.

Have any of you guys ever done this job before? Anything I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance....


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You are correct, most if not all cars use a sealant now.

Just the same prep as you would for a gasket, scrap off all remains of the old stuff ensuring the surface is clean and free from contaminants.
When you remove all the sump bolts you might need to carefully pry the sump off.

A nice even bead of sealant around the sump, don't go mental as it will only ooze out anyway.

Most motor factors will stock good quality stuff too

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Thanks Stef, much appreciated.

I'm due for an oil change soon, so I'll get some sealant and give it a bash when the oil is out.


Unfortunate about the leak but at least you are due to change the oil so that has come at a good time.

while you are in there with the sump off, give the oil pick up tube a quick check too.

I dont know what the tightening torques are or the sequence for your car but I would normally start in the middle, and work out to the sides.

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I think that's about it really... Also make sure you give the sealant more than enough time to cure before filling with oil again. I tend to do it and leave overnight if possible, but this is not necessary - curing time will depend on what product you use.

another little tip (if you can even call it that) is make sure you don't 'smear' the sealant when fitting the sump, you want to lift it straight on without pushing it around.

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Sorry, i cant add anything to this other than wishing you luck

But i think my sump plug thread is stripping so will need a new sump come next service - so if you could post an update when you've done it that'd be great!

good luck!

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Had my 2.0 sump off last year and they are hard to unseal I wouldn't go prying it off just in case you distort the sump I got a rubber mallet to mine and it took ages get off whatever they put them on with is bl**dy good stuff .

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Thanks for the warning!

I hadn't planned to lever it off, just tap it with a rubber mallet as you said. I've bought some of the proper Ford sealant to put it back with.

How did you find putting it pack? How did you manage to get it on without smearing the bead of sealant everywhere? I was thinking of resting it on a trolley jack, as I lined it up. I was also thinking of letting the sealant go off slightly before attempting to put it back on so as not to have it too flexible, if that makes sense!

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Just done mine on a 1.6, yes a buggar to get off but I eventually used (carefully and slowly) a couple of different size thin feeler gauges, cutting through the old sealant. Probably took an hour with occasional tapping with a wooden mallet.

Then took ages to clean it up, used brake cleaner, wd40 and scrapping with a small sharp piece of tough plastic.

To put it back I pushed it up in place and immediately wedged with wood so as to keep it in place and not to lose the contact while I re did the bolts.

Good luck

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