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1.6 Zetec S Tdci Cooling Fan


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Hi all new to the forum!

Recently Bought a 60 plate fiesta zetec s tdci (95bhp) and the cooling fan has a mind of its own..... Every few days! After a short journey it some times comes on for a min or so.....The engine isn't over heating and the air con isn't being used.

After looking on Google it's pointing to the cooling fan relay or the dpf regenerating????

Has anybody else had this problem?

I had it remapped a few weeks ago due to it being underpowered and poor fuel mpg, not sure if this could cause the dpf to regenerate more often with the extra power?

Thanks in advance

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hat could be the dpf regenerating. The fans staying on after is symptom of that.

I've heard that some remaps could make it smoke more which could cause it needing to regen more

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My fiesta does this with the fan, but mine doesn't have a DPF, sometimes after a short journey the fan will stay on for a few mins after switching off... Dunno why it does it, just does ?

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Mine has a dpf and does the same after a hard thrash, look at the instant consumption before turning the car off if its above 0.2g/hr it means a regen has just taken place

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