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03 Focus 1.8Tddi Lacking Power And Rattling/rasping Engine Noise


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I have a 03 focus 1.8TDDI, 150,000miles on the clock. Had been working
well up to last year where I had to put a new fuel injector pump in it.
Then 3 months later I noticed that it was lacking power took ages to
get up to 60/70mph but it would make it eventually and could even do

Last week it started making a funny noise too, it hasnt stopped starting
and will still drive with the same lack off power. it is now making
this rasping/rattling noise. I have attached a video hope you can make out what I am talking about. this morning was very frosty and the car started on first longish turn as it normally does so nothing different there, it just sounds weird and no power. I have also just replaced the pipes going into the turbo

ANy advice would be helpful as my hubby works long hours and wont get
the time to look at it for another few weeks. I have a toddler and dont
want to risk driving it down to local garage.



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its possible that a pipe has come off or is loose. is there more smoke than usual when driving the car?

it would be advisable to get fault codes read to see if anything has been registered - if you have access to a fault code reader then great, if not try and see if someone you know has one.

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I noticed when watching the video there was a loose bellow thing coming from the intercooler (there is alot of oil in the pipe) dont know if that is supposed to be there. I loosened the jubilee clip and reattached it back on and it didnt help the problem.

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how much warranty was given when you had the injectors changed? if its within the warranty period then get it back to the garage to get it looked at.

try and get the fault codes read to see if this throws up anything.

i had a loose pipe that had come off and the car was sluggish and chucked out more smoke, once re-attached it was fine.

might be worthwhile googling for similar issues to see if anyone else has had this problem and how it was fixed.

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