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Philips Blue Vision Vs Osram Cool Blue Intense


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Keep your nightbreakers. I had diamondvisions in before, grew to dislike them, so put the nightbreakers back in.

Definitely gonna get some cool blue intense at the end of this month.

After kurts and others experiences, osram all the way for me.

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my osrams blew after a year - but i covered 15-20k miles so i have no problem with a performance bulb blowing after that long

i replaced it with the philips and i have to say that i much prefer the osram! it seemed a much cleaner and brighter light

no news on lifespan as its only been a couple months, but i think even if it lasted twice as long id still go for the osrams!

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On my previous car I installed osram bulbs. Sold the car with them after 1 year and throughout the entire period I was most pleased with performance. My focus had stock osram bulbs no probs, then I decided to try the Philips bulbs and I am disappointed tbh, light output was good but life span wasn't, going back to osram.

Comparing mine to ben there is a clear difference

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Looking to get the cool blue intense's. Browsing on ebay, they seem a lot cheaper than power bulbs etc. Can any one recommend a seller which sell genuine ones on ebay?

Also looking at replacing the side lights. Looking at the forums people use the t10 LED Bulbs. Are these officially road legal? Also can someone also recommend a seller for these, that are a good match for the osrams.



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not got them yet, but I'm sure they will be :)

and I had cool blue side lights too

led sidelights do look smart - but they get too hot and cause that multicolour pulsing effect you sometimes see so I prefer normal bulbs instead

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