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New Shape Fiesta 3 Problems?!


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hi, i've got three problems so far wit hthe boot of my fiesta (58 new shape),

  • boot seems to slowly leak when we get bad weather and it pools in the spare wheel, all the fabric tends to get wet, i think it appears to be worse on the right hand side. ive done a search online and found this to be a common fault but no one really knows how or where this is happening from. Has anyone also experienced this?
  • boot light has stopped working, changed bulb still doesnt work, could it be a fuse, does anyone know where the fuse would be for this as i couldnt see any reference to it in the hand book?
  • alarm randomly goes off and ive noticed that when being at the car the inside light does also flash on and off, so figure there is a dodgy sensor, or switch. i did try looking around the edges hoping it would be a similar push switch like there are on the doors, but i couldnt see anything?

please could some one help me, the alarm issue is more of a problem as its also annoying the neighbours and i need to try and get it fixed asap.

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Might all be related, if water is getting in it could be triggering the boot opening switch causing the light to come on and the alarm to think there is an unauthorised access.

I believe the spoiler and rear light clusters are the common failure points for letting water in a boot. Try looking round for water marks to see if you can find where it might be running from.

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