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Welcome My New Car?


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Hi Guys,

well, I am not exactly a new member, but I thought why not introduce my new car here to the forum!

So, I just went out and paid the deposit on the following little beauty:


drove it this morning and I havent stopped grinning yet!

So welcome to my new car, and courtesy of Philf1's typo, I am actually going to call her Mindel, unless the wife overrules me....

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Lol i can see u kick mindel out for the mrs

lol, I wish, be a darned site cheaper!

Welcome to the forum jeebo :huh:

Any mods planned?

Thanks for the kind welcome James ;)

Not even thought of mod's yet, I will just be grateful to get a new toy, I will have a look at the basics (footwell lighting - LED Bulbs etc) but got to recoup the loss first!

As Boris would say, "Very nice".

I wonder how long you will keep the wheels though....

And I assume this is the 1.8TDCi proper Ford diesel that was used in the Focus and Stoney raves about :P

It is indeed very nice! and I hope I keep the wheels for a while, as for the engine, I believe it is a genuine piece of autotech, no DPF (that was on the 2.0 I narrowly missed out on!) but the 1.8 kicks out the same torque, same MPG, slightly better specs than the zetec I was looking at, and I love it!

But yes, I believe it is indeed the bullet proof shebang!

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Cheers Clive!

Gotta wait about 10 days before I can collect, car is going in for repairs, that will take 6 days once they have the parts, and then once I get the money over from my relative, then that cashes out, I will be good to go!

Im looking forward to mondeo ownership!

also wondering if the latest ELM Config works on the mk 4 and 4.5 Mondeo's, if anyone happens to know?

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I do look forward to the clutch I have to say! if nothing else, its cheaper to pull a manual box from a write off, than to faff with a CVT or an auto!

Its actually a Zetec Edge - according to the paperwork and the guy :S but it seems to be zetec on the boot :p

but never the less its nice, all round electric windows, climate control, usual stereo, 6 speed 1.8 gearbox, bruise, ESP + Traction control... I am in my element!

As to the repair work - im past the point of caring lol

Ford have agreed to do the repairs for £1098, and as long as there are no further major issues underneath, it should be fine, best case, they fix it, give me it, and I get £1400 part ex for it, worst case scenario, they write it off, give me a cheque for something not too far off, and I get my mondeo.... either way, its leaving my household! lol

The dealer (well, I say dealer, hes an indie trader) accepted that its a cat C (I didnt leave out any details), he took it for a ride and said its tight as a drum, and is happy to have it off me for £1400, to be honest, I was only going to try and sell it privately for £1300 or a tad more maybe, but if this works out, I dont lose as badly as I could have done!

Guy now trades from his house, rather than a garage, he had about 7 motors on his driveway, I caught him off guard this morning but we managed to sort it all out... now, I am over the moon :D and sadly, still grinning like a cheshire cat from the drive and knowing it wont be long...

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Welcome to the Mondeo Team, there an awesome motor am on my 6th since the mk1 and 18 months from now will be getting another , it's sea grey isn't it? Great colour !

Sent from my HTC One X using Ford OC mobile app

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