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Broken Part

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Looks like a part of a suspension coil spring

Are you sure as it has its mot next month. I am going to take the spring to the garage.

I found one about a year ago but that was while driving so wasn't to sure but this is too much of a coincidence. The ride has never been compromised since but they are definitely off the front of the car.

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100% top of a coil spring, will fail an mot with it broken.

It will if they see it, my old Vx Omega passed two years running with the bottom coil missing of the off side rear spring :oops:

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It's also a pigtail spring which probably means the top (if it's from the top) of the spring is now fitted over the mount a happened to one of my rear springs.

Or if it's from the bottom this may happen..(also my car)


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ive always been gobsmacked at these later type coil springs..trend seems to be small coils top/bottom, which can have dangerous consequences if they snap..

had a 406 not long ago, front spring broke which allowed the spring to drop under tension, straight onto the driveshaft, instantly locking that wheel up...luckily, the owner was crawling in traffic at the time, so no major harm done...dread to think what could have happened if she was travelling at any kind of speed...design is a major flaw that can be downright dangerous on some cars, really doesnt make sense as you can never predict when a spring is about to snap.

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