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Timing Belts


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hi I am new to this.

I would like some information on the interval that a timing belt needs to be replaced on my focus mk2 tdci 56 plate, when I purchased car in 2010 I had this changed at 88000 the vehicle as now done 147000, when I went to a couple of garages they all told me every 10 years but at different mileage 1 stated every 65000, 1 between 80000 and 90000 and 1 every 120000

I would appreciate it if someone could let me know the recommended interval please

thank you in advance

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As I remember Ford recommends changing the OEM timing belt kit at around 120.000 miles or every 10 years. The OEM belt is Dayco made and the pulleys are Ina/SKF.

I cannot say whether you can stick to this schedule if you put OEM kit, but if you put aftermarket one (Dayco, SKF, Ina) I'd change it at every 50000 miles or 5 years.

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ford say 10 years or 120k but very few places recommend this the belt is capable of lasting that long however the tensioners etc do not and its these that take the belt out so if only a belt was changed then yes it needs to be done and a full kit at that not just a belt hire firms say 60,000 mile personally i do them 70k or every 5 years whichever comes first

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