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Hi All

Ive just bought a decat for my euro4 2.0 tdci mondeo does anyone have any advice / info regarding MOT's or has anyone had an MOT recently and passed or failed with a decat fitted ?



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currently diesel cars don't require a CAT, and can safely be removed for MOT, if tester fails you, you can get it in writing from VOSA them selfs. VOSA currently state that diesel cars do not require a CAT, but... if a DPF is fitted, that can not be removed and will fail

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I must admit, the below I saw and also thought was the case:

On 16 February 2014 Section 7.1 of the inspection manual will be amended to include a check for the presence of catalysts and particulate filters on diesel powered vehicles. Any vehicle where a catalytic converter or particulate filter is missing where one was fitted as standard will fail the test.

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From the 16th of feb. All cars that were fitted with a car in the factory have to still have it on, regardless of petrol or diesel. likewise with dpfs.

Before that date, diesels could get away with decat pipes, but not any longer.

Unless you can block the view of the decat pipe then your likely to fail the MOT (I have bought a undertray with the hope it will block the testers view enough :ph34r: )

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