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Devon: Ford Focus 1.4 X208 Cdv For Sale (Spares/ Repair)


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Hey you guys

Hope all is good in your world. Not sure where exactly to post this (apologies mods if Ive put this in the wrong place!) but I've got a Ford Focus 1.4 Petrol Reg: X208 CDV for sale for spares/ repair.

I only bought it as a private sale 12 weeks ago for £800. It had 12 months MOT on it when I bought it, then it died on me the other day. I took it to my local garage in Barnstaple, Devon. The chap says the crank has moved (erk!) and is not repairable unfortunately, well... I would need a new engine and basically it's probably isn't worth the grief.... gutted I am yes.

Onyhoo, I thought I'd post on here to let you guys know it's up for grabs if anyone is interested in it. There's no other faults I know of. I knew I would have to replace the tyres soon... they're not great, but maybe someone can get some other bits of it? If you're interested in making me an offer for it, please do give me a shout. I don't have pics at the moment, but can get you some if you need some.

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