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Hi, I have posted on another thread 'Tapping' but have since read on another thread and googled the coil pack nd wondered if this could actually be the problem, I am going mad as I rely on my car as I have health issues. I cannot get to speak to my meachanic until tomorrow. It is an old 2000 2.0 petrol estate just cost me a little over £400 in January on the MOT including some tyres discs and pads etc nothing serious. My son took me out in it yesterday andit all seemed fine, he took me to the shops inti this morning and was all fine, he popped out with a friend, came in and then was taking it home and it all started.

He noticed a slight sort of tappy noise. he drove down the road for me to hear, then there was a slight sulphery smell and it was definatly making a strange noise, almost juddering while it was idling. He also seemed to think it might have had a slight loss of power. It has on the odd occassion refused to start but this has not been a persistent thing.

Any helpful comments for this mad woman would be appreciated, thank you.

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