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Sound When Locking And Unlocking Car

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Sorry if this has been asked before, I received my 2011 Fiesta Titanium 3dr 1.6 yesterday, love the car, but when locking and unlocking the car it doesn't make a biep or any noise, is there a way of changing this? at the moment the lights is the only way of seeing if the car is locked.

I whent through the owners manual and cant find anything.

Thx, ps great forum

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Just came from the Ford dealer, they say the car doesn't "Beep" was just hopeing it was possible, they sure can take some of that sound away from the seatbelt warning noise and use it for the Lock/Unlock noise, almost got a hart attack this morning when my passenger hadn't put her seatbelt on quick enough :P

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Haha, I would just wire a buzzer to the relay closed by the hazard circuits, and hope I didn't have a breakdown lol

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