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Window Roolup Module On Zetec

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hi all i need help on wiring in a window rollup module my motor is a euro spec mk3 focus i want to install the module my car has front electric windows.and manual for the back here are some wiring diagrams post-50574-0-30955100-1397316557_thumb.g


any help of you elecy guy would be appreciated biggrin.gif

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no offence mate but some of this chinese stuff is so bad it can set youre car on fire poor soldering faulty contacts etc

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In my opinion many Chinese products are not that bad. I have seen many chinese products which are actually made quite good.

I took a quick look at the Focus MK3 schematics ( http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/42898-ford-focus-full-wiring-schematics-mk225-and-mk3/ ). In my opinion it should be possible to install this module. On the Focus MK3 with 2 power windows the windows are controlled directly by the window switches. You have to connect the module wiring between the Original wiring of the switches to the electric motors.

I suppose the biggest installation problem will be getting the wiring of the module into the doors. It may be nescesary to remove the doors. Otherwise there may not be enough space to install the extra wiring.

Another major issue is that the 2-window power windows do not have pinch protection. When operating the windows by the window switches this is no problem. After installing such a module the windows will close completely after locking the car. If something or someone gets trapped between the window it will not stop!

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