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Customising Your Focus!


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Hey crew

had my focus a little while now, enjoy every bit of 1.8 zetec there is.

But my creative juices are stirring and now im itching to change her looks

So far iv stuck an aux, subwoofer, some stickers, and air deflectors...
but lets be honest thats a poor attempt really.

I lack much 'knowhow' what i mean is, im too frightened to do something wrong, so my practice is limited.

Iv a whole shopping list of things id like to do but dont really know how or where to go about doing most of it.

Wondering if any you have similar passions and could help me out.

things im interested in doing to my mk2 57plate, 1.8 zetec focus:

body kit/ lowering(just want it to have stance)

vinyl wrapping hood in carbon - wrap the roof in gloss black?

definitely nicer wheels, something black, spokes and low profile

window tint, dark

fat exhaust, more for the sound but some performance is never a miss.

possibly change to lights and other little bits

what you guys think?

really wanna discuss as much as possible.

Im a Milton keynes boy and ideally wanna keep most work (if i cant do it) local ish

will upload more updated pics of my ride when i can, could only find really early ones.


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Facelift or ST/RS spoiler, twin clear reverse/fog lenses, LED third brake light/side repeaters/tail lights, gen3 mp3/DAB radio, sport pedal covers,carbon steering wheel trims, etc.etc.

Loads you can do, ebay is your friend ;)

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