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Mk2 Focus Central Locking


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hi all

i'm currently driving a 2001 (Y) 1.4 CL focus and have issues with the central locking.

since i bought the car its never really worked properly and now its gone completely, it was working on/off for a while especially on hot days not sure if this is relevant to anything but thought it may be a hint to any issue.

can somebody help me as to what i have to do to have the central locking up and running properly please?

also i recently bought a Remote central locking kit as the car is key only, not fitted this yet as the central locking went pop but a garage has recently told me that the CL model doesnt respond well with a remote kit, is there any truth in this?

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to my limited knowledge on the subject, you can get an aftermarket kit to work, but again my knowledge of this is not great.

However the issue with the central locking needs to be addressed first.

does it just behave as though the car has no central locking at all? if so it could be the central locking module needs replacing, you could pick one up from a scrappy for a fair price and put it to use?

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Do you mean that when you lock/unlock the drivers door the other doors don't lock/unlock? Are all the other doors affected when this happens?

It could be something as simple as the switch in the drivers door lock which signals to the other doors.

By the way, your's must be a Mk1 not a Mk2 as in your subject line.

I once had an alarm/immobiliser fitted to a Vauxhall which converted its central locking to remote operation and that worked fine but as Jeeb says, you need to get your problem sorted before installing the remote system.

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When I unlock the car using the drivers door it unlocks the door but doesn't activate the central locking meaning the rest of the car is still locked. The central locking doesn't activate at all now. It was working on and off in hot weather but it's gone completely meaning doors and boot don't work via the central locking and have to be opened manually. I've had a look for modules and it seems simple enough just a case of matching serial numbers so will try that first. Yes it is a mark

1 must've put 2 by accident

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Yeah if you cant lock all doors at once, inside or outside the car then the module is the prime culprit. If you can find a same model number then brilliant, alternatively other model numbers for the module can work, but its just a gamble as to how well or it at all.

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