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I'm not sure if anyone else is suffering the same problem but it's a PITA trying to get comfortable in the Focus. I'm playing with seat height, distance to pedals (which feels either two far away or too close and can't find a happy medium), backrest rake etc etc but still no further forward.

Has anyone else found it difficult to find a comfy seating position? After I've taken it to Ford I get back in and think "christ, how small is this techie..." because the seat position makes me crunch up.

I'm a shade over 6 foot.

Anyone have any tips for me? :)

It's the Sport version of the Focus 2008 and I believe is fitted with Titanium seats.

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Sounds like we've got the same type of seats and I've got no problem with mine

Don't drive mine a lot anymore but when I do after driving my work van all week, I do seem a lot closer to the wheel and sort of 'squashed in' feel, but I find the driving position is much better because it allows the right amount of stretch on my legs but also allows a slight bend in my arms

I have my vans seats back as far as they will go so I can get the right amount of leg room but my arms are stretched right out to reach the wheel , so is difficult to steer with both hands on the wheel

Try adjusting the seat so that your legs have the right amount of stretch (slight bend in your left leg when clutch pressed) and you can then adjust the backrest angle and the steering wheel height/reach so that your arms have a slight bend aswel

I think the focus seats are great and never had any problems with mine

I think once you find the right position you'll know

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My Wife use to have a '06 Focus Ghia and to be honest the seats were always abit firm and they never seemed to give and she had it 3 1/2 years and did 27k miles but was always a firm ride but fantastic handling !!

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It took me some time to find the most comfortable position in all three Focus's I previously owned but once I found it, it was fine. The only thing was when the wife used it, I found it took me ages to get the right position again.

I'm 6 foot and had the seat at its lowest position. Like Chris said, get your legs right first. You should have the steering wheel in a position that allows you to touch the top of the wheel with your wrist without stretching and your back still firmly against the seat.

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