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Installing A Tuning Box In 2.0Tdci Focus


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Me and my cousin got two tuning boxes and b4 i start looking at fitment anyone fitted one...ie where do u plug it in on the engine i no its the common rail but there are a few plug near it anyone got pictures or anything will help ......its only for now as both gonna try get a deal with remap and exhaust at same time ...discount hopefully

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In my opinion You should not use a cheap Tuning Box. These tuning Boxes changes sensor values to mislead the PCM. Based on these "wrong" sensor values the PCM increases/decreases the amount of fuel being injected. This can result in an engine which runs too rich or too lean. Because the PCM gets the "wrong" sensor values running too rich or too lean is not recognised by the PCM which eventually can lead to engine damage.

Recently I opened a cheap tuning box to see what is inside. The circuit board only contained a few capactitors, diodes and several resistors. I got this box from someone who removed it because the car was smoking bad because it was running too rich. After the box was removed the car did not smoke anymore.

There are also other types of Tuning Boxes which are much better and safer to use. These boxes have a stand alone microprocessor controlled engine management which works together with the PCM. These boxes also mislead the PCM by changing the sensor values but the "wrong" values sent to the PCM are continuously calculated/compensated by the stand alone engine management for optimal engine performance and protection. This type of tuning box is often used on engines that can not be remapped because the engine management has a protection which is not cracked (yet). These boxes often have the same price (or even more) as a decent remap.

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TDI I believe where selling off some of their gen 1 / gen 2 on eBay (I think they are up to gen 3 these days). You could get their G1 and G2 boxes for anywhere from £65 - £200, whilst their newest is over £300.

If I had the money I would definatey buy one, even a Gen1 is good, its just not as good as the latest and greatest. But then again, no company can get to Gen 2 and 3 without making substantial improvements and at least having a satisfied customer base big enough to warranty the R&D

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