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2002 Mk6 Fiesta Zetec Se Overheating.


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I,ve got a problem with my 2003 MK6 Fiesta Zetec SE 1.4 it overheats at idle. Things done so far are change thermostat, expansion cap and temp sender. Water pump seems fine as coolent seem to be pumped around engine as all coolent pipes and radiator get hot. The strange thing that's happening is reading normal on temp gauge and fan doesn't kick in before expansion tank bubbles over. This car has air conditioning and belive cooling fan is suppose to kick in when on A/C on full. I know cooling fan works as if you disconnect temp sender it works and there is 12v going to cooling fan plug. Checked fuse, and know there's a relay but not sure how to test a relay other than to replace them. (which I also done from other fiesta)

Theres no water escaping into cylinders or into oil. Also took car to garage to check cylinder head gasket properly. They advised changing of these parts first as they are the least expensive and easy enough to do yourself. Don't want to put into garage unless I have to.

Are there any ways to properly check water pump other than taking of vehicle.

Please help with other suggestions which I may have overlooked

Thanks rubbiks

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When my water pump went pear shaped it lost coolant through its weep hole, also it will make a rattly tappy grinding noise easily evident over the top of the usual zse tapping, if the fan doesn't come on when the AC is activated I would be inclined to say that your AC doesn't have enough gas in it to activate the pressure switch so to stop the thing killing it's self it won't run at all. I'm guessing you have checked that the grille at the front isn't full of mud and rubbish blocking the rad? And the Rad fan doesn't come on in mine until the temp gauge goes just past the operating temperature the fan then brings it back down to normal, I have only heard the fan once in owning the car for 2 years and that was only when left In the sun for 10 minutes on the hottest day ever, try switching the internal heater dial the he hottest this will draw a fair bit of heat away from the engine and help a bit until you find the reason, if the water pump is original changing it wouldn't hurt anyway.

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