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Several Issues


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Hi guys,

got a few issues with my 1.8 Petrol 2004 focus C-Max.

the rear brake carrier is loose, and rattles, im pretty sure that the pad are the correct ones, with a little bunny ear spring on one, and fitted correctly, but when the hand brake is off, the carrier has a good 5-10 mm of movement, so rattles along the road.

im assuming that the carrier isn't missing any parts and the hand brake cable can be adjusted on one side to compensate?

The Gear selection is loose, i.e when you find and get into gear it goes into gear nicely and the car drives fine, but when you have selected 3rd as an example, you can move the stick left and right to the extremes with no affect on the gear box, is this a normal ford trait or what is the cause of this problem??

Lastly, there is a rattle coming from the front right which sounds like a worn pully bearing or similar, havn't had a chance to get the front splash shield off to take a proper look down there, but what pullies are down there if any that would rattle away when rev'd in gear or out of gear.



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Hi Martin:

sounds like there is something wrong with the carrier. I would be looking at a potentially worn or damaged hub carrier. I would check that the bolts are in place, as the bolts may have shook loose and out of the unit.

The gear selection is not meant to be overly playful. I have a small amount of play on my mondy but its a mm or 2mm not more, if your getting more than that, you could be looking at the mesh or selector cable having too much play.

front right sounds like its going to be either the alternator, air con or one of the timing pullies. I would get it checked sooner rather than later and save your car possibly blowing the belt.

Did you buy it from a garage or private?

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Thank you.

i Bought Privately,

Could be the A/c i guess as it was working when i test drove it, but when i went to blast it last week, i was getting very littel from it, so could be slipping i guess?

i changed the rear hubs as soon as i got it, only done 60k, bu they were shot to pieces and the noise was unbearable.

only when i got rid of that noise, did i start noticing the other noises... i did get it on the cheap, but serves a purpose as my other car had failed its MOT and needed alot of work.

i'll take the brakes apart again tomorrow and check it all looks ok, the bolts were in last time i checked...last week..so lets hope they are still there ....

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Definately could be air con related, bad pulley isnt kicking it in.

As for the brakes, my CMAX was a 55 Zetec but had disks all round, does yours have disks or drums on the rear?

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that is a lot of play on the gearstick.

It could be the gear mesh or the linkage, how does the gear change itself feel?

As for the brakes, to what I know - most (if not all) disk brakes tend to have a small drum within them. If you apply the handbrake and latch the pads to the brakes it can warp the disks, so most manufacturers put a small drum in the centre of the disk to manage the handbrake.

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