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New Car - Chip Tuning?

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Petrol or Diesel?

If its Petrol there is not much you can do, you would need to upgrade the air filter, give it a good service, and short of replacing the exhaust, you wont get much more than about 1 horse power for every £20 you spend.

If you have the EGR you could also blank that to get more economy.

If you have a diesel though there are a lot more options!

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Hi Dom,

not sure what variety of shape the 11 plate uses, but either a green cotton induction, or a K&N panel filter will give it a good breathing capability, then if you get a straight through custom exhaust then that will allow it to breathe better too. All in all you could get an extra 30 BHP or so depending on what you get (up to that anyway) but as I say, on a Naturally Aspirated petrol you really cant do much to them.

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I would be happy with 30bhp more don't want more then that to be honest.

Will the straight exhaust be much louder? :/ don't wont it loud! don't wont it to be like a boy racer a lot of sound and no power lol



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only if you faff with the silenver, but if you give the engine a good service, get the right exhaust, and the right air filter you could get up to there, but otherwise you need to enlarge things like throttle body, intake pipes, replace manifolds, the cost on a petrol to modify for more than 15 - 20 horsepower is rediculous and does nothing at all to your bank balance in return other than to take a dump on it!

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absolutely not :D

That is a total cost of £28 per horsepower. Compare that to the likes of an EGR blank, which is not designed to boost horses, but it can give you a boost of a £2.50 horse (maybe get 2BHP), a K&N for example can average about £5 a horse (maybe get 3MPG on a stock engine). To be honest, most of the time all a car needs is a good service!

For example, I had my CMAX for 6 months, it was doing a 370 mile tank every week, and took me about 15 seconds to get to 60, so I got it a new air filter, tank went up to about 400 every week, gave it a service (new oil and filter) and the fuel went to 430 every week). With the mileage boost, the response came as well. By the time I gave it a new air filter (not even performance - just a standard £5 one from euro car parts) and a service, I ended up turning my car from a 16 second 0-60, into a 14 second 0-60. Added the EGR blank and it went down to about 12 seconds 0-60, the BHP was reporting as 90 before all the servicing, in the end it was reporting 108.

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