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2004 Focus 1.6 Zetec - Advice

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Going to have a look at a 04 plate Focus 1.6 Zetec this arvo. Want it as a cheap runaround. A daily runner.

Got my eye on one. 70,000 miles. FSH. MOT till next Aug. High equipment levels (incl. parking sensors!).

Only MOT advisories were corroded coil springs, which I know is a common problem on Fords. And I believe is a cheap fix.

What should I be aware of when having a look at the car? Known issues/faults? Common problems? (I've looked at the advice forums and have any information I need from there)

The seller (trade) is not aware of the cambelt being changed, but it was serviced this month, the belt checked, and apparently visually it's fine. Could this become a problem? Or at 70,000/10yrs is it probably good for another 5000/6mo before a change?

The car is £1400 which seems low for the mileage, but reasonable overall. Could it be too good to be true? Or is the average?

Any advice welcomed. Be gentle!

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Hi there, lift up the rear boot carpet and check the spare wheel bay for water . If you find some, there is water ingress from somewhere. Also you say the springs are corroded, get the car up in the air and check the condition of the suspension bushes.Hope this is some help :)

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belt checked or not its now 10 years old and at its maximum for replacement so i doubt ford serviced it as it would have had the belt done youre looking at an easy £250 for a full cambelt kit including tensioner which means youre better doing the water pump also

th e1.6 also suffers from idling issues when warm so sit in it and feel if the car is shuddering

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As Arthur has said CAMBELT time, obviously check all electrics work, air con works also turn the wheels on full lock and look at the inside of the tyres a lot of focuses I see are usually toeing out and wearing the inside edge of the tyres out, then people swap them to the rear of the car to try and get a bit more out of them.

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Thanks. Did all that. The car was sound so I bought it. Knocked £150 off the price for the cost of getting a new belt fitted within the next month.

Test drove the car round town. No worries. But got it on the motorway, and it really lacks power delivery in 5th gear. I struggled to get it to accelerate at all.

No engine management lamp.

Could it be the coil pack? No sign of misfiring or stuttering at all. I will buy and fit one tomorrow if needs be.

Cheers for the advice. I'm sure i'll be on here a lot more in the coming months!!

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