Airteck Intercooler For 1.0 Ecoboost Fiesta

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I spoke to pumaspeed about this a few days ago.

Apparently airtecs' intercooler is smaller and made with cheaper materials.

Pumaspeed said their Intercooler is bigger and better made which of cause helps keep the tiny turbo cool.

But they would say that wouldn't they ;)

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A bigger intercooler can increase lag due to the larger internal volume (especially with a small turbo) + it may not be nessesary, depending on the engine, turbo, amount of boost and map

fitting a larger intercooler is a waste of time without a remap

A completely stock car(125ps) with a remap can achieve about 140Hp - it can be difficult/ expensive to get a lot more out of the 1-litre and you are probably going to increase lag/ make the power-band narrower which may reduce the "on-the-road" performance even if the "on paper" power is increased

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