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Mk6 Escort Zetec 1.8 ,rs Engine Questions


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Hi guys , went down the local scrap last night to see what was in stock ,

Ended up buying :

- rs2000 N7A I4 16v complete engine(all pumps etc),gear box and wiring loom (84k on the clock) no ecu but that can be sorted

- zetec e 1.8 16v silvertop mondeo bare engine 76k on clock

Couldn't resist

£220 all in , delivered on Friday

Any way , my plan is to drop the 1.8 into my mk6 1.6 zetec , after a rebuild

Could do with a few things confirming by people in the know , possibly who have done this conversion before

Been searching around online and found that it seems a relatively easy swap ,

Correct me if I'm wrong but

I've found that :

- 1.6 gearbox/driveshafts can be used

auxiliaries from 1.6 can be used ( going to replace cam belt and water pump anyway)

Anyone know if 1.6 management ecu can. Be used with the 1.8 ?

My mk6 has a gti loom in so no problems there

Going to update to a bigger brake setup ( st170 or mondeo) and disc brake rear beam,

Plans for N7A:

Going to strip down , full rebuild (engine gearbox) then drop into mk6 ,

Probs end up turbocharging the 1.8 when the rs lump goes in

Anyone help ? Thanks

- Drill the wrong side of the air box and your engine will be swallowing stones , grit , dust , old ladies and cinqueto's.

-don't fix it if it ain't broke

-be the black sheep

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