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Interference Engine Or Not (Belt Snapped)


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hi there guys and girls

apologies if this has all-ready been covered elsewhere

to cut it short my timing belt snapped at about 70 mph on friday night :oops:

just wondering if anybody knows if it's an interference engine or not?????????

or is it even worth saving it????

engine is a 2001 1.8 16v zetec

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Replacement engine roughly 100/250 depending on where you get one from got a sweet one for my mate for 95 full days work out and in but not the end of the world .

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If you decide to take the head off and it's wrecked and pistons are ok I have my mates old motor still in the yard should have a decent head on it as we suspect a ring had worn .so if it helps that's available .

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Cheers for the reply's

well i stripped it this morning and we have atleast 6 bent valves on the inlet side, the other cam has free movement on it as well so not good,

looks like 3 of the pistons have been damaged in the process too so it may be going to the car park in the sky if i cant source another engine fairly quickly

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