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New Problem: Ball And Socket On Windscreen Wipers


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OK, first off, thanks to everyone who helped with the last set of problems - the Focus is now running with a slightly patchwork but secure and aerodynamic body!

Unfortunately the front wipers conked out the other day. I could still hear the motor running and the wipers would still move together - but the motor and wipers weren't having anything to do with each other.

It took me a lot of messing around but I finally got under the plastic ... cowling/grille? ... to get at the wiper linkage and found that the main driving arm from the motor had popped off. Fixed it back on and after about three wipes it popped off again.

Searching over forums it looks like this is a common problem with a number of cars. Is there any way to repair this, or failing that is it going to be a complete nightmare (and worthwhile) trying to replace with parts from a scrap yard? It seems like if the things have worn out after less than ten years, I'm going to have a helluva job finding one in decent nick from the scrappy...

I've seen suggestions about drilling through the ball-and-socket and putting a bolt into it but there doesn't seem room without it grinding on other moving parts of the linkage. I saw another suggestion about building up the ball with epoxy but I can see that going wrong very easily if there's too much friction in the joint.

Any ideas?

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Hi James,

If you get time could you upload a picture of the area so we can visualise it,

Ive saw wiper mechanisms before and sort of understand the issue,

A drill hole and bolt through sounds like a good job although scuffing is not good atall,

Ive used this stuff before on an exhaust worked pretty well bought it for 7 euro in Halfords surly available in Halfords uk

Thats if the issue can accept a solid top to hold it on:


However if its a case where the centre bolt needs to move then this stuff may not work.

Its got alot if vapours when mixed mate so use in ventilated area or you will be like marty from MightyCarMods "ow ho electric space wizard" see video below if you don't know what i mean about vapours and the space wizard lol

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