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Mk7 Bass issues


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i have noticed some peopel mentioned it in other threads although not a thread is created for it, been searching for the last hour!.

the radio in mine has bass untill volume 15 and then the bass vanishes, this is all to do with bass supression in the radio to protect the Speakers, does anyone know how to disable it!

it ruins good music loud :),

i have adapter volume on 7 FYI. and when u go below 15 like to say 13 the bass reappears,

i need to either:

A replace the Speakers for some infinities etc...

B disable it in the software.


Over 8000 miles now :(

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mines does it aswell!!!! especially on mp3 tracks! normal cds arent as bad but it does kill the base.... may have to look into some pioneer or alipine ford upgrades!

I have the same issues with my stereo, I've found all musics sources sound a bit thin except for the radio. I've also discovered the rear Speakers have no bass response at all regardless of volume or eq settings.

Would be nice to know if this is a firmware issue so the cost of replacing the Speakers can be avoided.

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