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I really need help with my car.

ok im a woman, but im actually quite handy with cars, but when you get a new one, for the first couple of weeks its like being on another planet. So im hoping someone can share thier infinate knowledge with me....ha..!

firstly, ive just bought a 1996 p reg ford fiesta 1.25 16v zetec, i need the brake pads replacing urgently, something that i can do myself, but i know there are two types of pads for this model, and im not sure which one mine takes?? either vented or solids? anyone have a clue??? i hope so?

another issue is, there seems to be a problem surrounding the area where the MAF is where the inlet leaves the MAF into another block, the electrical input is unplugged. with this unplugged if i over accelerate the engine shudders ( i can only explain it as what it feels like if the engine is about to cease or no fuel) Wheni plug this in the engine over revs to the piont where it drove me up the M62 to liverpool at 55 mph without me having to touch the gas.....so for now its unplugged. i could easily get a second hand part from a scrapyard, and just replace both mounts ( both electrical and mechanical) but i dont know if its a more serious problem....

hope someone can help

marea x

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ignore the part about brake pads, i know wwhich ones they are now, but help with the other issue, would go down a treat


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