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Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 Tdci Alternator Pulley Noise

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Hi I wonder if someone can help me.

I had the rubber damper on my alternator pulley perish . So I changed the alternator pulley complete with damper. I purchased it from eBay and was assured by the seller that the pulley was fine . On replacing it I once again was able to use my alternator again. The only thing was on engine idle there was this horrible sound coming from that pulley area so I took the belt off and the noise was gone so I the thought maybe it was the alternator so I changed it and to my surprise the noise was back again. I used a a stethascop to pin point the noise and the noise is coming from the body of the alternator pulley. Could it be that the pulley wheel I got from eBay is faulty? ( when I put lights on or blower on the noise gets louder)

Many thanks for any help given .

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