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Fiesta Remote Locking Key Replacement


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I've just bought a 2003 Fiesta Zetec with no remote key just the spare key although whenever i get in the dash light flashes for what i think is the alarm. Do i need a remote key to stop this? if so do i need to go to ford for this?

Any help is appreciated as the flashing and clicking is driving me insane.

Thanks :)

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The flashing light is the immobiliser indicator which should go off once a key with a coded transponder is turned in the ignition.

If you enter your reg or vin here it should tell you whether your car came with remote locking or not-


If yes then you can get a remote key cut and coded but Ford will rob you.

I'd recommend scouring eBay for a new key complete with transponder chip, circuitry and an uncut blade and then find a good local Auto Locksmith to set it up for you.

If your car doesn't have RCL then I still recommend a second non-remote key for spare just in case.

If you lose your current key then recovery companies call out locksmiths on an emergency shout and that can cost upwards of £300.

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