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Alternator And New Battery Fitted

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The battery just died the light come on so I shot home when I turned off and tried to restart the battery was flat so fitted and battery first then tested the altanotor charging at 10v so fitted a new one then charging at 14v but sounds like it's the battery as it's not a silver one that I put on

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Why the 'buying from Halfords' thing? There are online places who are cheaper for good batteries (I'm betting that you'll find Bosch/Varta one that are cheaper than Halfords, if you look around). The only thing that I can think of is that Halfords recommended the wrong battery to you, and are prepared to do the decent thing (which is give you your legal rights, except not insist that you go through the courts to get them) and refund you the price of the battery that you've already purchased against your 'correct' battery.

Remember, if they recommend the battery for the application and there is a problem because it is a wrong recommendation, it is their problem, where if you choose the battery with no input from them and you choose the wrong one, it is your problem. So always get them to recommend or at least say that the one that you have chosen is appropriate for the application.

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The Exide Premium car battery range, is ideal for modern vehicles which rely on more and more electrical equiptment. The Exide Preium Car battery range covers over 90% of the UK vehicles and are maintance free for total peace of mind.

Amp Hours: (Ah): 72AhCold Cranking Amp: (CCA): 720CCALength: 278mmWidth: 175mmHeight: 175mm

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