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Brake Fluid Low Warning


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When I got slightly enthusiastically round corners or roundabouts, the car is sounding chime and is warning that the brake fluid level is low.

It doesn't happen when I drive like a normal human being :)

Shall I start getting worried or is it just a matter of topping the brake fluid up? The car has been serviced (or so I've been told) by TC Harrison (Ford dealer I've bought it from) back in March. It only did 7K miles since then,

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It sounds like the fluid level is getting low. You can sort it by topping up the fluid, but you also need to get the amount of brake pad wear checked.

In theory the low fluid warning light is also an indication the brake pads/discs are getting quite worn, as the pads/discs wear down the fluid level also drops because the brake pistons gradually move outwards to compensate hence you don't notice any difference in pedal travel.

Fitting new pads and discs if needed you'd then need to push the brake pistons back into the calipers to get them to drop over the discs and the level would rise again without you needing to actually add any fluid.

Probably explained better googlepedia.

Unless you've got a fluid leak the last service should have picked up that the fluid level was getting low and checked the brakes accordingly - they'll not have suddenly worn loads more during the mileage you've done.

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Thank you - this is very comprehensive explanation!

I'll check the pads tomorrow. As to fluid, in case I'll need to top it up - do you know which one I shall get (DOT4?) or shall I just go to Ford and source it from them?

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Take note manufacturers recommend that brake fluid "should" be replaced every 2 years (if not recommended before hand) due to the anti corrosion properties and to keep the boiling point high as over a period of time it will be contaminated by water/moisture lowering the boiling point thus lowering the performance of the fluid . :D :D :driving: :driving:

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