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New Tyre's

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No the 235 and the 18 need to be the same. But the 40 can be different. 235 Is the width of the tyre so a 245 tyre would be wider than the rim. The 40 is the thickness so can be thicker or thinner. And the 18 is the size of tyre from top to bottom so that needs to be the same :-/

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It all depends on the size of the rim, specifically it's width.

There is some cross-over between sizes, example being 225/40-18's fitted to Focus ST on 8" rim, but also on 7.5" rim on Jag X-Type.

Look here for some further guidance


If your Mondeo has 8" rims then 235/40 is the widest size possible as per here


Also, if you were able to go to 245's then to maintain speedo accuracy you would need to go for a different aspect ratio from 40 as this is tyre height as a percentage of the tyre width - again there are websites which let you put in different tyre sizes to calculate error percentages for different sizes.

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