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Isofix Fitting


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Hi all

I've just fitted the isofix bar to the rear driver side using the Ford kit.

The bar is bolted into holes in the cab which are located under the upright section of the rear seat.

These holes are plugged with rubber bungs which are very hard to get out.

The first one (closest to driver door came out with a lot of pulling), but the second one (closer to the middle) was stuck really tight.

I inserted a threaded screw into it in an effort to try to pull it out, but the effort of getting the screw into the bung pushed the bung and screw through the hole and into something.

My question is - what did they fall into? The screw and the bung didn't fall out onto the ground and so I'm a bit concerned as to where the screw has ended up. I pushed a straightened coat-hanger into the hole and what came out was grease with bits of fine grit mixed into it.

All help greatly appreciated.


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